More Life Lessons

Meetings are a comfortable place for me to one, admit I missed the memo on many basic life lessons; two, hear better ways of basic living techniques!

Two “commands” for recovery I picked up from a friend:

  • Don’t rescue

  • Don’t retreat

I also heard how simply rephrasing a fact can enrich recovery. I am a recovering alcoholic, yes. But, I’m enjoying the precious gift of sobriety now from almost 35 years, reminds me not to take one day for granted. God has done for me what I could never do for myself. (AA Big Book, page 11)

Finally, if I really depended on God, as I say I do, I can’t very well play God to those around me; nor will I suck the life out of relationships and friendships, expecting others to do for me, what I have the duty, right and privilege to do for myself. Self-will can drive everybody away. (Paraphrase of a principle from the 12& 12, page 116)

And this really is my last lesson learned: It isn’t the elephant in the living room that undoes me – it’s the ant in the kitchen that can send me over the edge.

Step 10 is good daily campground!

God bless you gentle reader – thanks for reading. Please share any life lessons you missed, but learned through the programs.



Love in Christ,


Sober and Grateful

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More Life Lessons