Giving Back — Helping Others

giving back
Giving Back What I Was Given

Giving to and loving others is the next best tool we can apply to our own recovery.

A quote from one movie review realigned my marching orders:

When evil is the norm, even the quietest gesture of humanity is revolutionary. ~ (

In this foolish upside-down day that is today, I sometimes avert my eyes – from people’s pain, their suffering, their stupid choices. People who have gotten themselves between a rock and hard place make scary noises – sounds I’d rather not hear.

Yet, why am I here?

It’s not just to enjoy a bigger barns!

A painful and profane documentary recorded how one man opened up his barn, and helped two of his friends regain their health and sanity: The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts.

Lots to avert one’s eyes from in this one! Yet — it modeled

Helping addicts recover their lives is the next best thing to maintaining our own sobriety.

The wonder is the people who walk through recovery with us – convinced of our worth, when we aren’t.

Think back. Who helped you? What did they do? What can you do for someone who is struggling?

Giving to and loving others is the next best tool we can apply to our own recovery.   Not using is the first!   And like that primary tool of recovery, not using, we can’t do it in our own strength. If God does for us what we could never do on our own, then He may just help others through us. (Working with Others)

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Giving Back — Helping Others