A Different Kind of Prayer Book

prayer book
A better beginning for my prayers

My 12 &12 has become a kind of prayer book. It shows me where I’ve disconnected myself from my Power source and suggests ways to return.

I realized that at a recent meeting on the Second Step. 

No, the chapter is  not a litany of prayers that work; it’s a series of suggestions to consider and understand why my prayers often hit the ceiling. The notes I have scribbled along its margins, wise words from others who are working this Step are terse but tender suggestions to get answers to the troubles tripping me up. 

Like these quotes:

  • I can use the power before I understand it. 
  • Can you believe there is any power other than yourself? I laughed when I heard this, but my controlling my drinking — emotions — never got me any place worth going. 
  • Don’t look for the Spirit in the spirits. (or any other person, place or thing, for that matter.)
  • Belief means reliance not defiance.  See James 4:3   
  • Having faith is different from relying on faith. 
  • Pray for God’s will, not your wants.  

Every day I use power I don’t understand —WiFi, an internal combustion engine; how seeds become plants . . . or gravity. I know without powers greater than I, I would die.  So acknowledging God didn’t die and leave me in charge keeps me sane . . . and sober . . . just for today.  

prayer book

The steps and traditions are a new way of seeing old problems, especially in the dizzy times that are today.  

But no prayer or prayer book works unless you use it, right? 

My 12& 12 may be a different kind of prayer book, but it’s a way that restores me to  my Power source.  

Do you have any tips you’ve learned on restoring  prayer connections? 

Glad you stopped by!

Love in Christ, 

Sober and Grateful 

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A Different Kind of Prayer Book
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