A Reminder from a Favorite Preacher

I heard a favorite preacher say don’t let reality limit you.  (Dr. Tony Evans) Don’t deny reality; just don’t let it limit you.

The reality is everything has changed because of COVID-19; getting careless could invite all kinds of trouble. My reality is limited!

But that reality doesn’t need to limit me from enjoying what is my world today.

GRATITUDE is a choice I can still make when so many choices are not really mine to make.

preacherAlso, a friend reminded me to look at the ordinary, and be appreciative; the “ordinary” for many folks is hard going. The Benefits of Gratitude

Being sober today; maintaining coherent thoughts, and managing my emotions, and having relationships with people I trust is a good thing.

I miss the meetings – seeing people, and hearing their voices. So much of what makes my daily progress is remembering what others have said. Even when they are describing hurts and failures – there they are sharing, not using.

I am still pretty restricted of where I can go – I am glad for a computer and The Grapevine. And for favorite preachers who can speak truth into these strange and wonderful times than are today.

Good advice from a FB meme

Thanks for reading! What are you learning in all these uncertain times about recovery?


Love in Christ,


Sober and Grateful


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A Reminder from a Favorite Preacher