AA Slogans: Easy Directions Worth Following

Some of the AA slogans are acrostics. These are simple directions to keep us sane and sober. They work best when we follow them. One of my favorites is KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. It got me through the recent holidays – reminding me that over-thinking, over-planning, and over-doing are over-rated habits. Another terse one is as useful:

SLIP ~ Sobriety Loses It’s Priority.

In all the excitement of what’s in store for the New Year, how much of a priority is my sobriety?

A slip may be the only way some of us can understand the progressive nature of our disease. Sometimes life crowds in fast and hard, and rearranges all the intentions we have to make a meeting, make a phone call – even pray. Having a drink then may seem a reasonable solution – an easier, softer way of solving problems.

But just like slipping on steps, or a sidewalk, can bring unintended consequences, a slip — picking up– may mean troubles we never wanted to borrow. Nobody in his or her right mind chooses to take a tumble that might be costly and painful! But an alcoholic isn’t in their right mind when thinking about drinking – or when we are drinking. That’s what Step Two is about.

The priority for me, then, is for today living sober, and doing whatever it takes to enjoy the gift sobriety is . . . however this day unfolds.

 Keep your eye on your sobriety, and you will see recovery.

“Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light ~ Matthew 6:22

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AA Slogans: Easy Directions Worth Following