Acceptance Was the Answer

“Acceptance was the answer,” was the Chapter’s title so many told me to read. (page 407) 

But what was the question?

Over the years many questions popped up because of choices my drinking enabled.

At twenty-three, I asked my reflection in the  mirror: What part of any of this is a good idea? 

It took me another decade to quit looking to me for answers, and look to Someone else for answers, and even better questions.

At thirty six,  I asked God:

Am I an alcoholic — 

Affirmative, I sensed His reply — and next day, I went to my first meeting. 

I did not drink again — but I have had many emotional slips; often directly related to how I practiced acceptance. 

To this day:

I must keep my magic magnifying mind on the acceptance and off my expectations for my serenity is directly proportional to my level of acceptance. When I remember this, I can see I’ve never had it so good. Thank God for A.A. (The Big Book, page 420)

And Thank God for Himself who answers my questions . . . in His time. Jeremiah 33:3 

Serenity Prayer | Courageous Christian Father

At the  recent “birthday” meeting, I asked my friends, how they came to hear acceptance was the answer.   

Would you like to share? 

Thank you for stopping by!

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful 


In acceptance lieth peace
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Acceptance Was the Answer
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