Accepting Help

Accepting help — Asking for help —  is not dumb, or a sign of weakness!

If a seed or plant receives no help – water, nutrients, or sun, it dies. So our lives wither, and we perish in our troubles if we refuse to ask; if we refuse to accept help.

accepting Help
Make a Call now; or click on Alcoholism is not contagious

Man’s wisdom says, God helps those who help themselves. The Lord helps those who ask. What’s more, He  is the reason behind that nagging little voice that makes us wonder if we need help. See Jeremiah 33:1-3

While Jeremiah was still locked up in jail, a second Message from God was given to him:

2-3 “This is God’s Message, the God who made earth, made it livable and lasting, known everywhere as God: ‘Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.’”

If You Can’t Figure Some Stuff Out

If you wonder if you have a drinking problem, or if someone you love has one, ask!

Here’s one of many resources asking questions you might wonder: Do I Have A Drinking Problem?


Alcohol for some of us is an accelerant for craziness, and not a relaxant from cares. No two of us are alike. Alcoholics are many and varied. What connects all of us is that none of us can safely drink alcohol.

People who love “problem drinkers” are also many and varied; no two are alike. But, we are alike in our trying alone to solve the problems generated by alcohol abuse, and failing.

However, asking how much of a hold booze has on us, or someone we love, is a good first step, in breaking its grip, and ours.

Accepting the reality of its grip is an important second step away from the craziness booze creates.

Asking for and accepting help is key.

Well, being willing to ask, and being willing to accept and apply some suggestions is first. May I conclude with this insight; hope it sheds light for you, dear reader:

In The Sacred Journey, author Frederick Buechner writes,

“When it comes to putting broken lives back together—when it comes, in religious terms, to the saving of souls—the human best tends to be at odds with the holy best. To do for yourself the best that you have it in you to do—to grit your teeth and clench your fists in order to survive the world at its harshest and worst—is, by that very act, to be unable to let something be done for you and in you that is more wonderful still.”

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

P.S. Some Resources I’ve Compiled

P.P.S.  Asking for help; accepting help works for all kinds of issues – whether decluttering a messy desk, or basement; weeding an overgrown garden, or an overgrown breaking heart.


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Accepting Help