Are You in A Rough Patch?

If we find ourselves in a rough patch today, because of the HOLIDAYS, we don’t have to stay! We can leave; we have choices! The biggest one is our attitude.

Being in rough patch, especially during the holidays hurts. But choice is a welcome way out, right?  A few years back, I got some tools at a meeting that I am sharing again. I hope they will be useful to you. Just click through: These Troubles

rough patch

Also, I pass along science’s confirmation that gratitude is an  attitude that makes a big difference.

Please read!

Neuroscience Reveals: Gratitude Literally Rewires Your Brain to be Happier  


May the Lord bless and keep you with everything you need for this good day!

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


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Are You in A Rough Patch?
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