Ask, Listen, and Look – Even I Can Do That!

A Question Can Change Anything

Recovery isn’t rocket science; although it may feel like it. Living without the drama alcohol abuse can create may seem as impossible as building a rocket. But like all amazing creations, recovery can begin with a simple question:

If I can’t change my situation, what am I willing to change to live this day well?

My background and upbringing told me I was too weak-willed to change. So, it surprised me when folks in the 12-step programs told me I could change what was within my power to change.

My Higher Power, God revealed in Christ, agreed I was helpless to change anything – but not hopeless; for He would change me so the first time ever I could do things differently. (Philippians 1:6)

God’s direct intervention in my desires for change, in those I loved and for me, happened way before I could see His fingerprints in my life.

  • I asked for help – hindsight admits something other than me made me willing to seek help.
  • I listened, and then actually applied other people’s wisdom – that really was a miracle!
  • I began to look for God – and found He had been looking after me all the while.

Maybe, like me, gentle reader, you too are looking for a little hope here, and help. Either you, or someone you love, is drinking too much. What do we do?

The AA program, the 12 Steps, and the fellowship may not change our circumstances. But, we will learn how to make the changes we can. And God gave me the courage and His friendship to make those changes, one day at a time. His offer is freely yours for the asking.

God doesn’t give us hypothetical grace in a lifetime supply. He gives us what we need one day at a time. Tim Keller

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Ask, Listen, and Look – Even I Can Do That!