Background Noise

“COVID-19 is like the background noise in my head,” my friend said.


Like a dull, throbbing beat; punctuated with static, it is a tune I never can quite hear – it’s just there.

It’s like the sensation I identified while reading The Splendid and The Vile, a story of how Churchill and Britain survived the Blitz: DREAD!

Like mid-century Brits  didn’t know when the bombs would hit what, we don’t know what’s coming: illness, death, financial ruin, or another year of this craziness!

It is what it is . . .

But, my friend also added why this pity proverb is a risky reality check, if it ignores HOPE.

Because of God’s goodness in Christ, whatever it is, I have hope that the Old is gone.

It may be that, it is what it is, today; but today sure isn’t what it was!


Try to replace guilt with gratitude (AA Slogan)

Because of  God’s goodness in giving Christ, I can hope, trust and expect today to be a better day, even if a pandemic has hemmed me in with  undreamed of particulars. For I will have a faithful companion in the screwiest of situations today and tomorrow.

And face it, COVID-19 has presented some screwy, scary times!

Faithful companions were  never my experience when I drank; screwy scary times were!

But, Today is what it is.

It is the day which the Lord has made.

So, even if  Covid-19 is like unremitting background noise, because His hand formed this day, I’ve got a new song to sing, with at least four verses:

Healing, daily

Opportunity, daily

Perseverance, daily

Enjoyment, daily


So, too, is willingness.

Hope really can be what it is, even in a pandemic. Just for today. 

How goes it with you, dear reader?

How are you living with any unwanted background noise?


Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


from Sober Mommy
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Background Noise