Beginning Again

beginning again because of a move
Moving & Beginning Again

Beginning Again

Change has been the one certain thing these past few months. We are relocating, and beginning again, although in a familiar place. And a move is right up there with death and divorce as a stress-producer!

While we have wanted to make this move for a while, it’s bittersweet.  We truly are letting go of much that is wonderful to hold tight to what is necessary and wonderful too.

A cautionary AA slogan reminds me that wherever I go, there I am. So, whatever things [I think]I purged as we sorted and packed, some “stuff” always manages to find a way into my baggage.

I can’t leave behind my failures. And I can’t assume I’ve packed enough experience, strength and hope to do just fine without being connected to a new group of recovering alcoholics.

So, finding a home group, and new program friends is a priority. Keep working through the Stepschoosing not to drink, and getting over myself, especially at the age I am, are resolutions I have packed for this new transition.

As I unpack the moving boxes, I don’t want to shelve any of these principles for a more convenient time.

I believe I still am just one drink away from a drunk. But today it’s a choice – not a compulsion, by God’s grace, and AA’s good, orderly direction!

Each time we sense the possibility of a new direction in our lives, we are being given a chance to grow.~ The Promise of a New Day, May 11

 I’ll keep you posted on my progress – I’d love to hear about yours.

Do you have any tips how you have managed to maintain your sobriety, serenity and your sanity in the midst of change?


Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


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Beginning Again