Better Questions?

The BIG Question

Asking better questions of ourselves, each other, and how we are working our recovery programs, is time well spent; especially in these days of social distancing.

I was tempted to ask, how are you doing with all this self-quarantining?

But, a well-intentioned question is sometimes off-putting. So, when Heather Hollerman wrote about asking better questions of each other, I reworded the question I now pose, dear reader:

What challenged you today? What did you do about it? (A Loving Question During a Pandemic)

What challenged ME today was the whisper  running in the background, “This ain’t gonna be over anytime soon.”

BAM! The next thing, panic started rumbling . . . projecting all kinds of scenarios that are unwise for me to rehearse.

“Lockdown has been the ultimate experience of relinquishing control over my life. And an excellent reminder that despite all the chaos and uncertainty, God is sovereign and faithful. My trust in him has grown so much through all this.”~ Tim Challis, Locked Down Alone

So, here’s what I did about the panic, knowing I have NO control over the it, or the isolation this pandemic is imposing on everyone, not just me.  I gave it over to God – often. Then, I read Psalm 34– to a friend on the phone. Hearing the beloved words spoken aloud helped. Finally, I reread


Believing that, I saw another challenging question: Does isolation threaten sobriety? Destiny Herndon-Del La Rosa asked this in an article in the Dallas Morning News.

It is well worth pondering this question, because Isolating Myself is a Good Way to Invite a Slip. Destiny’s conclusion about these unexpected isolation requirements, and the effect they might have on our sobriety is worth repeating. She concluded:

Let yourself cry. It’s more cleansing than we even realize. And share your heart with others. You might find the help you’re looking for, while also helping others find help in this difficult time, too.

The challenge is being available when the COVID-19 protocols dictate distance. Providentially, social media can keep us in touch with each other and with the suggestions others share about not picking up or using! (Four Thoughts)

And I want to stay in touch with the folks who kindly read this blog!

Thank you, dear reader, for stopping by  — thank you for reading! Maybe we just had a “meeting?”

Ok – that’s stretching things, a bit.

Remember, though, there are meetings to go to, even if we can’t leave home!  See US Meeting Guide.

Hope to hear from you.

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


FYI: Useful Material

  • Emotional Sobriety The Next Frontier (Selected Stories from the AA Grapevine) Paperback – 2006 by AA Grapevine
  • Emotional Sobriety II – The Next Frontier Paperback – 2011 by AA Grapevine



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Better Questions?
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