Celebrating and Contemplating

The Meeting Was a Time for Celebrating and Contemplating

The meeting* was a happy celebration of two years sobriety that the attractive, composed and articulate speaker put together, one day at a time. It was a time for celebrating and contemplating!

She had had a rough time – ten or twelve years of getting sober enough to think she’d beaten alcoholism – and out she would go for deeper, longer and darker times. She found there are bottoms beneath bottoms. Yet, here she was – sane and sober.

Yep, I believe in miracles – and I believe in U-Turns.

Sometimes, though, we are tempted to make that U- turn when we think we are on the path to recovery. Those who do may not believe they can change; they struggle because they feel life is hard, and remember that alcohol was not . . . Been there!

Hearing of anyone who goes back out reminds me but for today’s grace of God, I’d be doing a 180 as well! Because alcoholism is cunning, baffling, and powerful – I wonder, hey when was my last inventory?

So, celebrating and contemplating, I am reviewing some basics:

  • Accept for whatever reasons I am not a social drinker, and practicing will never make me one. (Psalm119:65-67)
  • Accept the progressiveness of alcoholism, whether I am drinking or not.
  • Accept that surrender is not failure; it is a conscious decision to stop fighting battles I can’t win.
  • Accept that God has a better plan for me than booze does. (Jeremiah33:3)
  • Ask for help. Whatever we have, somebody else freely gave us their time, and wisdom – and most AA’s are happy to share. And God is up all night anyway, so I can turn my troubles over to Him, now! (Psalm121)

U-Turns Allowed!

AA is one place we can come as we are, and find out:

  1. a) We aren’t alone, and
  2. b) We don’t have to stay messed up. (Matthew 11:28-29)

“I just have to ask whether acceptance—or change—is required.”
― Alcoholics AnonymousDaily Reflections: A Book of Reflections by A.A. Members for A.A. Members



*Alcoholics Anonymous

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Celebrating and Contemplating