When CNN and Jack in the Box Celebrate Marijuana Where is the Church?

Does the Church Have a Voice in This Discussion?

CNN Reporter Shows How To Puff, Pass and Party

Along with millions of other viewers I saw the New Year’s Eve cable TV “hosts” showing us how to enjoy what now is a legal high in many states. All that smoke also got the attention of Mark Davis, a Dallas radio personality, who asked in a recent column: Reveal one way in which the legalization of further intoxicants makes a better society.

No surprise: Oh! It’s helped Colorado. Legalization increased their economy, and lowered the crime rate! The Washington Post said youngsters, younger than 18, are using less; but, young adults are using more.

But, long term, we don’t know the long-term health benefits or detriments of the drug’s legal use.

Some say it’s just as safe as alcohol.

Marijuana’s probably as safe as alcohol.


Asking to reveal one way the legalization of alcohol makes a better society might get similar responses: it created jobs and wealth. However, we do have disturbing statistics, compiled over long stretches of time that show younger people are in trouble using this legal substance, increasingly younger women are in trouble. (Underage Drinking)

People — many of whom sit next to us in church pews — want what intoxicants offer: a little pleasure and relief from pain or insomnia.

On this level, it’s not about the economic impact, is it?


It’s about if, when and how I can use a legal substance to help me enjoy life and feel better.

Whatever the government does, or counselors and peers recommend, how do we – in the church — make wise decisions about our use of recreational chemicals?

That question might not make it on to many congregational meetings’ agendas.

And what do we do for people who are messed up because of the recreational use of alcohol or drugs?

I wish this would become a higher priority – educating our leaders and members about drugs. Schedule a called meeting to the church; introduce members to the first responders in their community, police, and ER staff who try to save our loved ones’ lives. At least such a meeting would open our eyes to how painful the current epidemic is for people who take an oath to serve and protect us.

Does the church have a voice in this discussion? Does she even know what she is talking about?

Addiction disorders confound family members who watch a loved one destroy themselves and important relationships.

It’s rough – ugly, crazy, dangerous, deadly.

Look at the statistics.

Look around at grieving families who are burying members whose sudden deaths devastate them.

The church struggles to help addicts.  But we in the church are reluctant to look around and see the hurt. Is it shame, guilt, disgust, disbelief; or, ignorance?

Well, snap out of it church!

Even fast food restaurants are selling recreational drug use: Jack in the Box celebrates marijuana with ‘Merry Munchie Meal’Jack in the Box

The restaurants became famous as the first major chain to use an intercom and the first to focus on drive-through food service. Now they’re making news for a different reason: in honor of California’s legalization of recreational marijuana, they are offering the “Merry Munchie Meal.” The combo includes “the most craveable and snackable products that Jack in the Box has to offer.”


We need wisdom! Wisdom built on knowledge, courage, and compassion.

A former pastor of Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas, and as a recovering substance abuse addict himself, Skip Ryan has experienced all sides of pastoral care for addiction and issues that reach beyond “polite sins.”. . . To him, the solution is not more church programming but a change in mentality. … as staunch believers in grace, why aren’t Reformed and Presbyterian churches leading the charge in these areas of extreme brokenness? Ryan believes the grace we preach and teach often has not made its way from head to heart. (By Faith: Engaging with Addiction, emphasis added)

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When CNN and Jack in the Box Celebrate Marijuana Where is the Church?