COVID-19 Canceled my Anniversary, Not My Celebration

COVID-19 may have canceled my anniversary; it can’t postpone my celebration!

Celebrating despite COVID-19!

Of all the scenarios that might cancel my anniversary, I never imagined the one today – cut off from my home group because of a pandemic. Yet, here we are, going into the eighth week of what feels like another  episode from The Twilight Zone. COVID-19 can’t take away the joy, lessons, and way of life I have enjoyed!

Today is my anniversary.

I will miss celebrating with folks who know my story even if  some are strangers.

I feel like celebrating – and your taking the time to stop by and read this post is a real gift.

I thank God for answering my question, Am I an alcoholic?

I thank AlAnon for showing me how a changed attitude on my part can bring about recovery, and I thank the volunteer who answered the phone the day I called the Red House . . . and the people who have shown up at all the blessed meetings where I am learning how to live sober.

My recovery is ongoing . . . it’s always present tense.

I am in remission, celebrating that the program really does work when I work it – and I have come to believe I am worth it – you are too, dear reader!

My compulsion to drink has subsided; my propensity to do the wrong thing has also ebbed. (The Promises are true!) But every day offers new opportunities to screw up, especially in the new normal that is today.

The steps, my friends the Big Book, and the God of my understanding, however, remind me, offer me suggestions to choose a different path.

Thank you for reading – thank you for celebrating with me. I hope something on this site helped you in your journey. Here’s a link you might like, the link to Dr. Bob: The Man and the Physician

I am also posting a link that helps me in the uncertain times that are today:

Talking to yourself, not listening to yourself – Tim Keller

God bless you, dear reader — may He grant you peace, and answers to your questions.

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


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COVID-19 Canceled my Anniversary, Not My Celebration
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