Darkrooms and Developing Fears

My Darkrooms

My recovery has been about clearing out the darkrooms in my mind and heart where I often developed imaginary, unsound fears. (Thanks to a reading in A New Day, page 258)

A few acronyms for fear shed light on what can go on in my darkrooms:

False Events Appearing Real
Finding Excuses and Reasons

What with the times in which we live, maintaining serenity and courage  isn’t a “one and done” resolution. 

It’s why we practice the steps  in all our affairs, right?

Working Carefully in my Darkrooms

A few nights ago, I read this conclusion:

When life becomes all snarled up, offer it to our Lord and let HIM untie the knots. (Richardson Wright, A Book of Days for Christians, page 185.)

Life gets oh so snarled up in this season!  

And the some of the knots in this season— like death and disability —generate fears, real and imagined.  

Getting Out of the Darkrooms

Not all fears are wrong, or inappropriate.

Here’s where a sponsor can help me look at the negatives and see what needs to be “developed,” and what needs to be discarded. 

Best of all, my higher power can be a real safe  light! (NOTE: A safe light in a darkroom allows one to work with sensitive materials without damaging them.)

Faith that a power greater than I — especially One who sees in and through the dark— sheds oh so much light in my darkrooms!

Remember: Rational fear — not reactionary terror —  is just faith that said its prayers.

fearsThen, let me watch my words — certainly to others, especially to myself —

Our emotional sobriety depends in large measure on avoiding behavior that could be harmful to others. We know from experience what turmoil we create within ourselves when we lose our tempers, are overly critical of others, or act unfairly. (A New Day, page 249) 

Today, let me work wisely in darkrooms: 

Give God a chance to be God — especially when I keep recommending Him to others. 

Give Him the time to readjust the yoke He offers — and me time to walk in step today, in light of different work loads

Give others time to hear His knock upon their hearts.  

Pray . . . and be grateful I am only responsible for my side of the street and  not anybody else’s.

Update that gratitude list: Come to think of it, what’s the last thing I put on my gratitude list? 

Faith is Fear that has said its prayers

Thanks for reading! 

Keep coming’ back — your friendship matters


Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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Darkrooms and Developing Fears
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