Remember My Deliverance

The meditation for today urged “never grow numb to your dynamic salvation.” (Psalm 103:2)

Be Teachable

Don’t take for granted that deliverance, the writer seemed to say to me,  from where I was, to where  I am; nor fear where I am headed. 

Given the times we live in and my age and stage, I need that reminder!  (Isaiah 46:3-5)

I was delivered out of the obsession to drink by the examples I saw in others and the kindness of a power greater than I am who heard me.  

Come to think of it that “power” made others’ calm and serenity look good to me!

And the Deliverer

Thinking back, He opened the door to the mental jail where I kept locking myself.  It took a while before I walked out.  But we get help when we accept it. Just for today, I won’t wander back in —

Turning from that obsession — to keep trying to handle what I could not — can not — is key to a bunch of issues that crop up in sobriety. 

I can’t; God can. Am I willing to let Him?  (Need Help? )

Use the Key

Acceptance is the key, and deliverance is never passive. One day at a time — hoping, doing, asking, applying, and changing what I can while letting go of what I can’t.  

How goes it with you, Reader? I appreciate your time; thanks for stopping.

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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