Don’t Color Me Gray

Don’t Wear GRAY without GRATITUDE!

Color Me . . .

Some mornings the gray outside my home and inside my heart overwhelms and threatens. My get up and go hasn’t arrived, so anxiety sings so loudly, I can’t hear much except a few refrains of woe is me.

Providentially, before I joined in the chorus, I stumbled upon another person’s thoughts about thankfulness and the myths that can paralyze our practice of it, reminding me to check my pulse. I hope you will click through and read Thankfulness Myths.

Just because I can’t feel my pulse, doesn’t mean it isn’t doing its job. Misunderstanding, ignoring, or refusing the gift that gratitude is a dumb choice.

 Myth #14. [Thankfulness is] about making ME feel better.
Lots of people say ‘practise thankfulness’ because it makes you happier.  This might be a side-effect, but it’s not the goal.  It’s not about us.  It’s directed to God and to others with the aim of blessing them and acknowledging their kindness. It’s a way of going outside of ourselves, not further in.

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Don’t Color Me Gray
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