For the CHURCH—Two Links, Current and Compelling

for the church
How do YOU think the church should respond to alcohol and drug addiction?

Dear Church,

Here are two links to motivate your outreach and service to folks who never thought we’d end up where we did, fighting the battles we do.

Following up on the last post, A Christian’s Path Through Recovery, here are two links to articles about booze and drugs, especially I hope for those in the church who do not fully appreciate the battle those who worship with you may be fighting in their hearts, minds and homes.

The First:

Of course, alcohol is more pervasive than any other drug you can think of. So much so, in fact, that it is much more socially acceptable to drink than to abstain — as I and my fellow ten million teetotallers know only too well. Try going to a wedding without either being pregnant or on dialysis and telling fellow guests you’re planning to lay off the prosecco. They’d honestly react more favourably to you drunkenly jumping the groom in the middle of the father-of-the-bride speech.

(Britain’s Relationship with Booze is Beyond Abusive)

The Second:

I had never met a single person who had lost a child to an overdose when Christopher died in 2005. Now close to 70,000 people die a year. It’s become a national epidemic. It was time. I wanted to explain how my family got to the point that it did because I think that’s instructional and will hopefully help others out.

(What A Father Learned After Losing Two Sons to Drug Overdoses)


Dear Reader,

Here is an overview –or generalized info article FYI: Christian Views on Alcohol~ Wiki

Some of my friends and I  have lost children, parents, and spouses to alcohol – social drinking that morphed into a killing addiction, and to the recreational or medicinal use of substances they could not control.

None of them started out with the ambition to be a drunk or addict. 

Some Christians never wanted to wind up as drunks and addicts. But we did.

Many in the church believe they have the freedom to use alcohol – and they do – but my prayer is that they will all inform themselves on the choices they feel so free to make and recommend.

Drug use and alcohol use in the church isn’t as isolated as some leaders and congregants wish.  See link to CNN Reporter Shows How to Puff, Pass and Party

How do you think the church can respond?

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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For the CHURCH—Two Links, Current and Compelling
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