One of the gifts that keeps on giving in this pandemic is The Grapevine.

Like a friend who shows up right on time.

Its authors in the current and past issues make me feel like I am at a friendly speakers meeting. I can take what I need, and leave the rest —but the wisdom and humor are at my fingertips. 

Like a friend who shows up at just the moment, the little magazine shows me the steps work if you work them, and that power who is greater than I am is on the job! 

Heading into a new year that may not be as wide-open as we would wish, the cover of the new Grapevine reminds me there are places I can go . . . 


Well, in  Step by Step,  an AA said don’t ask why— ask H.O.W. 

Be: Honest, Open-minded, and Willing.  

This month’s Grapevine reminded me being sober is a choice — a daily one — even in a pandemic.  

I can’t imagine changing my daily life back then  like so many did in COVID; I needed those meetings!

One thing back then, I came to understand there was some thing bringing to mind questions about the effect alcohol was having on me.  Not that I worried about how my drinking might be affecting others — but what booze was doing to me. (Self-absorption is the give away, right?)

That thing turned out to be the best gift — especially bringing two crazy, wonderful people in recovery into my life to show me living without alcohol was not a prison sentence.  They had what I wanted — peace, confidence, humor —joy. 

I still want that. 

Unwrap, USE, and give back

Camaraderie and support are like chords that combined with my willingness and have led me to better places that drinking always promised we were going.

I have come to believe that alcohol will not give me that no matter how many excuses I might make for it. Also, I am grateful for people who can explain better than I why I can’t just have a drink every now and then.  

 Here’s an answer to a question I used to ask myself: Why Don’t You Just Drink Less? 

Thanks for reading — How goes it with you, dear reader? 

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful 

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