Gratitude and Change

Change is a process,not an event.

The anniversary meeting was upbeat; the topic was timely: gratitude and change.

Around the room, members concurred that without these two topics, their recovery wouldn’t have prospered – whether weeks, years, or decades.

Gratitude means I am embracing change, and change means . . .


What in the world does change mean?

  • Taking a step in a direction I did not want to go, because I believed God was urging me to change.
  • Skipping a reunion with the friend – alcohol – when I remembered selectively how much fun we had together.
  • Listening to stuff, I did not want to hear: Alcoholism is progressive; keep drinking and you will be dead, in jail or institutionalized.
    • Surely, not I?(!)
  • Believing stuff others in the rooms told me: things will get better.
  • Making myself useful: emptying ashtrays; setting up chairs, breaking them down and making coffee.
  • Looking into the eyes of another hurting soul and seeing myself.
  • Accepting that sobriety is the best plan for me, and
  • Being oh so grateful.



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Gratitude and Change
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