A Helping Hand on Managing Big Emotions

Emotions Complicate Even Simple Stuff

Showing kids how to manage their emotions showed me I can do better with my own. Keeping things simple in these crazy times isn’t easy. Nor is the slogan K.I.S.S. easy in some of the family troubles we are negotiating. So, I was glad for a “helping hand,” literally. (Managing Big Emotions)

Yes, it’s for kids to help them manage their big emotions. It is a way to help them manage what feels unmanageable. You see, I have heard in the program that our emotional age is often pegged to right at the time we got in trouble with booze. So, I am a kid on the inside in many ways . . . and that’s always not a good thing at my age. I never got the memo on sorting out the highs, lows, and pain. For too long, I simply refused to believe there was another way to deal with pain except drink at it. And to be honest, that suited me just fine.

Change won’t happen if I don’t change.

My drinking often took routine problems to unhealthy levels of conflict; unnecessary levels, too. Hence, I am glad to see something to do with my hands instead of wrapping them around a drink.

How are you doing, reader?

Pain is a bear to live with! I hope this post feels like a helping hand out of hurts, hang-ups and habits — big emotions — that have kept us doing the same things, expecting a different outcome. It sure gave me something to think about!

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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A Helping Hand on Managing Big Emotions