Some GOOD News That Just Gets Better

Good News That Gets Better

Good News

I’m happy to pass along some good news. Serenity Vistas published news worth celebrating: Sober Celebrities. It is impressive to see how many talented, famous people enjoy their sobriety; how they have flourished in it, and are willing to share their stories.

Even Better News

The better news for me is that fame and talent are not requirements for membership in recovery; willingness, however, helps. I did have that; I still do. Also, better than the good news is what my sponsor kept reminding me: The person with the longest sobriety is the one who got up the earliest today.

The Best News

The best news for me is I have a choice today because a power greater than I am stays on duty. I can’t fire Him, and He ain’t gonna resign. ( Do You Know Him?)

Good Bless your day, today dear reader! Sobriety is a gift we earn, and freely share, is it not?


Love in Christ,


Sober and Grateful


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Some GOOD News That Just Gets Better
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