Holidays Are As Good A Time As Ever to Enjoy Sobriety

The Holidays are the Time to Enjoy Sobriety

The holidays may be bumpy days for those of us in recovery; especially if our ego busts out, and tries to make the times about us.  So, holidays are especially good times to stay active – and keep life and me right-sized. It’s amazing how the fog lifts, the funk wanes, and the fatigue disappears when we get to a meeting or just stay in touch with program folks.

I need that connection; the busyness  and hoopla can crowd out what I must keep as a priority:my sobriety.  Getting careless about program connections, or letting resentments take root is not smart.

Holiday Warning

I am not cured; I am delivered daily from that descent into insanity, incarceration, or death. Length of time sober doesn’t always make quality sobriety. The article by PS Hoffman’s wife haunts me, reminding what can happen; so, I am reposting a link to it. Hope you will read it.

“[A]ddiction is always lurking just below the surface, looking for a moment of weakness to come roaring back to life.” (Phillip Seymour Hoffman)

I am posting other links –

Here are some articles that made me grateful for what I have, and goad me to stay informed about recovery issues and be willing to give back what I was so freely given.

Loving people who use and abuse is its own rough ride in these times when addiction issues disrupt more lives. Our recovery is the best gift we can give those we love, writes Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa.

It’s the best gift we can give ourselves too. And the best gift we can offer to others caught up in their disease.

Seeing the end of an over-dose

I thank God for the gift of sobriety and for the loving helping hearts who walked with me and others so we got our footing, exercised our faith in God, and lived clean and sober, one day at a time.

Miracles happen – smack dab in meetings and the fellowship.

Praying the church becomes the starting place of more and more of these miracles amongst Christians who are struggling or love someone who is struggling with alcohol or drugs.


Love in Christ,


Sober and Grateful


PS: Here’s some “holiday” reading you might enjoy reading:

Rehab That puts Alcoholic Pilots Back in the Cockpit.

Unresponsive, describes how more women are dying in jail because their drug and alcohol problems are not addressed.

Another important help is Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave: Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel (Resources for Changing Lives) Paperback – November 1, 2001 by Edward T. Welch.

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Holidays Are As Good A Time As Ever to Enjoy Sobriety
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