The Holidays and The Presents They Present


The holidays present all kinds of presents we don’t have to open. Here’s where working the steps – especially Steps Four and Ten  may be a better use of time than unwrapping the past.

As champions at figuring out the faults of others, we alcoholics in recovery often have to be reminded to look at our side of the equation. “The inventory was ours, not the other man’s,” says the Big Book on page 67.(Taking the OTHER Man’s Inventory)

Also, when gloomy, tiresome, and troubling memories knock, knowing that I have asked God to take away the defects of character that may have contributed to past unhappiness helps.

My Higher Power said as far as east is from west , so far has He separated me from my sins.

It may be my age and stage, but I can get lost in memories faster than is good me. The past is what it is; even if I could understand what happened, I couldn’t change it.   God willing, though, I can quit unwrapping empty boxes.(Isaiah 43:25)

So, part of my recovery is a daily deliberate decision:

Don’t relive disastrous experiences hoping for a happier ending.

Anger, resentments, bitterness, unforgiveness feed bitter fruit.

Passing along a link to a timely, tragic article, this is a reminder that we are in remission, recovering, and powerless over alcohol and drugs.

“[A]ddiction is always lurking just below the surface, looking for a moment of weakness to come roaring back to life.” (Phillip Seymour Hoffman)

So here are there suggestions, presents others offered me, to stay in the present, for thee, dear reader – Thank you for your friendship!

Stay out of dangerous places – not just literal, but emotional and spiritual places, too. (Psalm 1:1)  

Depend on God to enable the strength and ability to do whatever is necessary to keep me safe. (Psalm 5)

Gain understanding and wisdom; this is a life long privilege – duty – and adventure. (Proverbs 1)


Love in Christ,


Sober and Grateful


PS: Some Presents to Stay Out of the Past

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The Holidays and The Presents They Present
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