How Are You Doing?

how are you
Today, I will choose carefully and joyfully. ‘Cuz how I am is free!

The question, how are you doing? comes to mind because a friend texted me telling me how they were doing:

“I am feeling like the gerbil on the outside of the wheel. Don’t know if I should keep running in place or hold on tight to see how many rotations before I find myself upside down and on the bottom getting run over!”

On one level, I feel like I am hanging on for dear life; but, on another level, when life feels like it is spinning out of control, I remember I have been given Good Orderly Directions – especially useful in unpredictable times

I Remember:

Keep on keeping on, as my sponsor suggested when the pink cloud was dissipating.

After the first thirty; then sixty; then ninety days were in the rear-view mirror, and I began to see that living without alcohol didn’t mean living with without problems, I felt like I was spinning; I didn’t know how to face a few NEW things without drinking.

Hence, their counsel: Keep on doing what you have learned. I had learned:

  • Pray, don’t drink, get to a meeting. (Two out of three is good, especially if I don’t drink!)
  • Practice gratitude.

Well, this makes three out of four suggestions I can will do

So, I Apply:

Another  friend said:

Life is full of give and take.
Give thanks, then and take nothing for granted.

I thank God for the gift sobriety is; for the friendships, wisdom, and help so many have poured into my life. I confess, I often took the meetings for granted. Who could have imagined NO meetings? So when a program friend checks on me, I am grateful!

Then I Practice . . .

Praying – not just arrow prayers – praying is still a work in progress.

Today, these two memes showed up on Facebook:

How are you


how are you


They sum up how I often pray – I accept the great gift that talking with God is, but often I am gob smacked where or how to begin. So, I am glad for the reminder:

Before you say: I can’t …………say I’ll try

How are you doing reader?

Here are two old friends that still help me on dicey days:

  • God is never late,
  • Live and let live.

And one more: stay sober for yourself — You are worth it! 


Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


A couple of Useful Links:  

Alcoholics Anonymous

Celebrate Recovery


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How Are You Doing?
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