Following Even Simple Directions: Not as Easy as It looks

A slip happens because we didn’t follow the directions for maintaining daily sobriety. (Dr. Silkworth on Slips)

I have a hard time following directions – I like to improvise . . . adapt, rework, and yes I ignore stuff.

But I’ve heard in meetings to check my motives, especially if I think I know an easier way to live sober.

The bottom line is pride . . . thinking I can handle a situation or person or pressure.

Me, myself and I – the likely trio that trips me up every time. And as Dr. Silkworth said, almost seventy years ago, it’s human nature to buck authority — to not follow even simple directions. But that doesn’t make doing what comes naturally smart. So, let’s not think of ourselves as a special case — that as alcoholics, we are doomed to slip! Think again about what the good doctor wrote!

The problem with improvising the AA suggestions is that the suggestions work best when we follow them; but nobody is grading us.

The wonder of the fellowship is that it never pulls up the welcome mat. Our goal is always progress – not perfection. Even on tough days, and especially on great days!  (It’s Great to Have Choices)

How are you doing, gentle reader? What directions are you resisting following? I pray this day is a day of new beginnings, and old friends.


Love in Christ,


Sober and Grateful




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Following Even Simple Directions: Not as Easy as It looks