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Repeating “I have what I have, because God knows what I need” is a nerve calming bromide in crazy times like today. Believing it is better.

I have what I have, because God knows what I need . . . works in times of financial stress. With the upsetting times today is, with shortages in stores, etc. it is the lens through which I choose to see my circumstances. So is deep breathing! LOL . . . freaking is a stupid step back onto a path that never led me anywhere worth going!

Now like any corrective eyeglass lens, the environment and my own silly fingers can smudge lens, and I don’t see clearly until I clean my glasses.

Meetings are always a good place to help me “see” stuff I am missing; stuff that will gum up my program.  Other people’s experiences highlight where I need to get off the pity pot, and maybe get on my knees. But, today, many meetings have been canceled; but, not on-line help! See the website ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS.

The wonder of social media in a season of social distancing is we can learn from each other, encourage each other, and share our experiences, strength, and hope.

The wonder of my Higher Power is a virus does not back him off – His ear is attentive, and He is never to busy to listen to a cry for help . . .

Reading in this month’s Grapevine, I have been encouraged by the way He has answered. Also, reading so many articles posted online by folks in, out and throughout the program is a life-line. So too, are  on-line meetings.

Do you have helps do you recommend, reader?

Eating  right — watching the high carbs — and moving, as well as drinking my share of H2O are components of not picking up — sleep, though, is a bit more elusive. Staying in touch with each other in recovery as necessary as deep breathing and smart fueling!

In order to change the way we feel we need to change the way we act . . .

It’s not old behavior if I’m still doing it. (AA Slogans)

I have What I Have
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Holding you up in my prayers, friend. Thanks for stopping by!


Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


Today’s Serenity Prayer

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I Have What I Have . . . Slogan Living