January 1 and Its Miracles, Changes and Choices

January 1 and Its Miracles, Changes and Choices

The freshness of January 1 delights me  — no matter if the weather is drippy, gray and bone chilling – which is our forecast. Because I know that shortly  life will be back to the same-old-same-old, the meditation from The Daily Reflection is just the thing  It reminds me that no how narrowly confined my life feels now, I have choices.

I am sober today because of [our Creator entering our hearts]! Learning to trust and rely on God was something I could never have done alone. I now believe in miracles because I am one!

The Miracles Daily Choices Are

The choices have always been mine for the making, but sometimes stuff may blind  me to the freedom those choices offer me. Alcohol was a blindfold; so was –is– emotional un-sobriety: two chains of a vicious circle.

Today, is simply a new day to reflect on the reality God.  In His mercy He secured for us an unbreakable connection to His power and kindness.

We don’t need to climb back into the bottle, or indulge dumb – habitual – responses that take us nowhere worth going.

If I may go a step farther, may I commend a closer look at Jesus Christ today?

In Jesus Christ, God experienced the greatest depths of pain. Therefore, though Christianity does not provide the reason for each experience of pain, it provides deep resources for actually facing suffering with hope and courage rather than bitterness and despair. (Timothy Keller, The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism, pages 27-28)

John reported the largest part of Christ’s words. So, I also commend his gospel for seeing Christ in action.  You and I are miracles dear reader, created in the image of God. If we are willing, we are recreated and now have the power to live one day at a time with serenity and joy.

Happy New Year!

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

PS: Here’s an audio link to an Advent Series on some people who came to Christ, and to whom He came.

A Question Can Change Anything
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January 1 and Its Miracles, Changes and Choices
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