Keeping It Simple in Complicated Times

Keeping it simple in these complicated times is  key to unlocking anxiety. But, that is sometimes easier said than done these days. This year’s current events continue to unfold like Twilight Zone episodes that Outer Limit writers crafted. (Musings on 2020)

Wouldn’t a Drink Help?

I don’t often ask myself this so much anymore.

But, I sometimes think about what a drink could do for me . . . However, for me, a drink would not do much except tell me to have another.

And I remember where that next drink too often led me.


So, just for today I choose to remember what really is down the road not taken this day.  (Think the Drink Through . . . )

How About an Emotional Bender?

What part of going on an emotional bender is a good idea? I sometimes ask this five minutes into places I do not need to go!

Simple Isn’t Easy

Because of so much I cannot control, I don’t have what I want today. So, if a drink won’t give me what I need, what makes me think an emotional bender would?

Remember I say to myself: By God’s grace, I have what I need —

Am I willing to use what I got?

Keeping it simple in these complicated times is a key to unlock anxiety. Being willing to be willing is like WD-40 on a rusty lock! Plus, it’s  the key to skipping a dry drunk, too.

Thanks for reading.

What are you learning to be willing to be willing do in this tail-end of one crazy year, dear reader?

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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Keeping It Simple in Complicated Times
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