Letting Go of the Reins, Even on a Rough Ride

letting go
Letting Go of the Reins

Don’t Tighten the Reins — Don’t Lose Your Grip!

Recently, I heard in a meeting a way to weather hard times — check how lightly or tightly I hold the reins of even a rough ride.

“Who says you can’t start the day over when it bombs?”

I learned I can rewrite how today will end! So, from a disappointing failure I can restart my day; I can choose sobriety – serenity – sanity . . . honesty, without waiting.  Honesty being the operative word here.

As if reinforcing this suggestion, an AA friend shared a thought on CONTROL.*  I pass it along and hope it lifts your heart – or re-starts your day, dear reader. Use what you can, and leave the rest.

 ~ Control

Sometimes, the gray days scare us.  Those are the days when the old feelings come rushing back.  We may feel needy, scared, ashamed, unable to care for ourselves.

. . . That’s when we may try to control people and situations to mask our pain.  When these “codependent crazies” strike, others often begin to react negatively to our controlling.

. . . People and things don’t stop our pain or heal us.  In recovery, we learn that this is our job, and we can do it by using our resources: ourselves, our Higher Power, our support systems, and our recovery program. . .

Today’s wisdom for living works for me, letting go of the reins, even on a rough ride – Hope it works for you, too dear reader.

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


*Melody Beattie,The Language of Letting Go

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Letting Go of the Reins, Even on a Rough Ride