When Life Presses In — Here’s a Pushback or Two!

when life presses in
When Life Presses in — DO NOT DO!

It’s a Monday as I write, and we are anticipating a major snowstorm, just days away from spring’s arrival. Life presses in – perhaps you are feeling a wee bit pressured too?

It might be the barometric pressure for me – or just the predictability of facing the same old same old. But, I choose gratitude that I am still here to kibitz.

And I am thankful you dear reader checked out my thoughts. So, I am going to reward your kind attention with links to other voices, whom I hope will brighten your life, whatever day you read this and whatever forecast portends your day.

Just because you have never done it before is no proof that you cannot do it starting today. (A Choice to Rejoice)

We grow into our new choices. (So, I Quit Drinking)

I’ve also included a list of suggestions I hope you do not follow from Elisabeth Elliot, from her wonderful book, Keep a Quiet Heart.

Keep in touch!

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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When Life Presses In — Here’s a Pushback or Two!

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