Links to Chapters in The Big Book


So, a friend and I are reading the Big Book out loud, alternating pages. Reading aloud, albeit over the phone, has been refreshing — a reminder how grateful I am for those who thought this book out and put it together.

What we read today was timely — Chapter 8: To Wives. Timely because at a recent meeting two women spoke who are new to recovery and living with spouses and adult children whose drinking is a problem. ( I Am Not the One Who Is Crazy Here)

Also timely because some people I love didn’t get my memo about how things were supposed to be.

Alcoholism is a family disease and Chapter 8 contains practical advice from people who share lessons learned from mistake they made.

In the messiness and hurt that alcoholics suffer and can inflict, it is a relief  to be amongst friends — even in a book!

Another friend read to me a chapter from the personal stories section of the Big Book: (9) The Keys of the Kingdom, 268. See the PDF file and scroll down to page 268, 

One of the great gifts I enjoy is either being with people who understand my disease and recovery  . . . or being able to read their messages. 

In describing [their] suffering,[their]fears, [their] many years of groping for some answer to that which always seemed unanswerable, [they] could have been describing me . . . p.273  Because I Wasn’t Ready to Stop


How goes it with you?

Love in Christ

Sober and Grateful

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Links to Chapters in The Big Book
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