Living Life Differently May Be Just a Matter of the Will


  1. Be willing to listen . . .

Judge Judy says put your listening ears on to litigants who are trying to talk over her, pleading their case. People told me to listen up, at meetings, because if I were so smart, I won’t be in these rooms! So, when you are in a meeting if you won’t listen to what is being suggested, you might miss hearing the simple solutions to today’s problems.

Bring the body and the mind will follow.*

 Take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth.*

  Call your sponsor before, not after, you take the first drink. *

You did hear the part about getting a sponsor, right? Make sure you also heard: Don’t drink, say your prayers, and get to a meeting. Also, if you really hate a meeting, go back five more times, and close your eyes so you can hear better, one old -timer suggested. Listen for similarities – not differences.

  1. Be willing to apply what others have suggested:  

         Take what you can use and leave the rest.*

         Change is a process, not an event; Sobriety is a journey, not a destination. *

          K.I.S.S.—Keep It Simple Stupid.* 

  1. Be willing to take your disease, seriously – but get over yourself.

Remember that alcoholism is incurable, progressive, and fatal.

It’s never to late to ask for help – and it’s never too soon accept it. Reminder: As one member put it, I have a disease; I’m not a disease.

4.   Be willing to step down from ruler of your own world.

God always shows up at just the right time to catch everything we hand Him. The key is willingness to let go, and let God do for us and through us what we could never do for ourselves.

Someone at a meeting on the 11th Step said, “Listen to God, and He will hear you.”

I was willing to try that  – it worked.

God Bless you gentle reader with all you need for faith and life, and recovery!

Love in Christ,

Sober & Grateful



* Familiar Recovery Slogans

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Living Life Differently May Be Just a Matter of the Will