Living With a Past, Not in It

Living with my past, and not in it, is a daily responsibility.  It’s a gift and a choice.

Every day I disappoint myself – and hurt others, even when I pull off a couple of wise, kind, and useful “things.”

So, today’s meditation is spot on for living with my past and propensities:

Achieving calmness and serenity is an inside job. (A New Day, page 82)

How do get to the inside of me, and clean up the mess – past, present, and future? (Because I know my M.O.) (How It Works, Chapter 5, The Big Book)

The only hope is a power greater than I.  (Step Two)

living with the past
With God, I can live with the past — NOT in it!

Living with and not in the past is what God, my Higher power enables. He didn’t start to love me when I sobered up, and He will not remove His affection whenI stumble. Nor does He withhold His care until I please Him.

These truths took me a long time to learn.

I should tattoo a paraphrase of Romans 8:34-35 on the inside of my eyelids:

God loves me now and always will — no matter how bad the stuff on the inside or outside of me is.  

God rules, in His great love, giving up His Son for my sake – and yours. What then can undoHis affection, if He is working all things together for His glory and our good?

My narcissistic—prone self, says Me! I can drive God away! Or, my doubting Thomas of a self doesn’t see God, and refuses to search.

If I entertain this worrisome duo, I might just hear alcohol knocking at the door, or its tedious cohort – a dry drunk.

So, getting back to basics: there is nothing so bad that I face that a drink or an emotional binge will not make worse.

Have you heard that before?

Whatever is on today’s agenda, dear reader: GODrules. But just now you and I have CHOICES: Living in the past, or with it.  The wonder is NOW God can fix things and work things out for our good and His glory. Here is a link to how God rules, but how you and I can choose to live this day. Does God Control Everything?


Thanks for reading — I value your time and thoughts!

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

PS:  Here’s some music to lift your heart, so today you can life with the past, and not in it.

Ain’t No Grave

You Know My Name

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Living With a Past, Not in It