Maintaining Sobriety and Serenity in a Pandemic

How are you maintaining sobriety and serenity in this pandemic?

Sorting through information about the pandemic . . . some days, I don’t know what is real, reliable, or well-intentioned misinformation. I rely on News from Johns Hopkins University, the stories in the Big Book, and my Higher Power’s best seller, camping mainly in the Psalms.

I stay in touch via texts and phone calls mainly.  But, I do visit the AA Website.

Fear can be the fire under my emotional pot . . . fear flourishes sometimes as this new season reveals how little I can control anything except my attitude. The only thing I can control today is my attitude. And I will get to make more alterations each day the Lord grants me life.

What do I need to alter today to adjust my attitude in today’s circumstances?

I have heard that fear is





So, letting fear in for a chat is not a good use of time or energy.


Maintaining sobriety and serenity  today is not so much a fear of drinking as it is letting stupid thinking take root. Stupid thinking includes making plans that can lead to resentments – expecting people to do for me what is my responsibility.  Another stupid thought is not appreciating:

We are not all in the same boat. We are all in the same storm. ~  Peggy Noonan

When I feel alone in this isolation, I have learned reaching out is better than drawing inward.  Maintaining sobriety and serenity today will work better if we QUIT Pretending — either pretending alcohol is not a problem or that this pandemic is not getting to me, just a wee bit.

Pretending I didn’t have a drinking problem was not a sane attitude.  Nor was promising I’d never do that again; or, dumping bottles down the drain, or giving up and giving in. (Celebrating the First Step)

We are in recovery, sailing through uncharted waters, true.  But, the principles of recovery are sensible – even in a pandemic:

  1. Admitting our powerlessness,
  2. Asking for help and
  3. Accepting help from a power who is greater than we are.

Just for today, anyway.

How goes it with you reader? Any lessons on recovery you are learning?

Love in Christ

Sober and Grateful


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Maintaining Sobriety and Serenity in a Pandemic