Making SOBER less Shameful

I wish I still looked this good!

I heard it in a meeting: I may look like a grandma, but I didn’t party like a grandma – in fact I partied with YOUR grandma, and I sure hope she made it into recovery.

Everybody laughed because newcomers sometimes can’t believe that those with a little time under our belts could identify with where they are. Neither did we when we first came into the rooms.

Nope, I was not the picture of a dependable person; I wasn’t dependable, unless we were drinking together. Then, you could depend on me to show up.

It sounds weird, when I look at myself in the mirror, to know that I am only one drink away from making really stupid choices. I look so harmless now – but I’m not clueless . . . most days.

Recovery is a day-day reprieve from alcoholism that changes how we believe and act.  Making meetings – mainly to listen, sometimes to share – keeps me on course; the God of my understanding keeps me anchored.

Sometimes I heard a life-changing nugget from someone who looked like their act had always been together; other times, a person who looked a little the worse for wear made me understand just how progressive the disease alcoholism.

I like the AA way best – but in this marvelous age in internet info – hope and help from around the world can be the tonic our gin never was. Here are two links that are worth checking out:

  1. Clare Pooley reaches out to make SOBER less shameful – especially for women – Her take worth pondering:

Moderation would never be my forte – I was controlling alcohol until I realized alcohol controlled me. We need to give people HOPE not shame!

  1. 11 Things I learned from Going Sober in my Twenties

Also, anxiety is a door that can lead women and men to abuse alcohol. Alcohol abuse is not always the same as alcoholism – but it’s not a safe place to camp. This is a useful mediation:   7 LIES Anxiety wants us to Believe.

What do you think, gentle reader?  Any questions?  The only dumb one is the one we don’t ask!


Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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Making SOBER less Shameful
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