Making It Through the War – Any War — Sober

In war, a drink will not keep me safe.

Staying Sober Even in War

I forget where I read it; it was in some AA literature. A man wrote of being newly sober, just before World War II started. These were early days for the AA organization, too. Suddenly, he found himself in the army, and in combat in a bloody war.

He stayed sober.

In the midst of harrowing battlefield experiences; the numbing times of waiting for the next battle, or moving towards one, he stayed sober. He found one or two other men trying to stay sober; sometimes they had meetings in foxholes. Sharing their experiences, strength and hope, they made it through the war sober.

I think about that story every time I think, I can’t do this.

My life may feel like a battlefield; but, it isn’t. Most of the landmines,  are of my own making.

Self-absorption, a.k.a. an old-fashioned pity party, though skews my vision and explodes my common sense. And yes, I still get way too mesmerized by my own messes.

So, getting to meetings matters. Reading the literature is a good use of time, too.

Hearing and seeing the similarities in the stories and letting go of the differences can correct my mental myopia also. Willingness is still the key.

Infinite and Personal Help  in my Battles

Turning to God, reading His word, and worshipping HIM with others, instead of the silly idols I keep manufacturing helps fix my spiritual myopia.

Thanks for taking the time to read – if you are on a battlefield, a drink will not keep you safe.

A former pastor kept reminding us: Life is Hard, but God is goodnot the other way round. The Lord meets us on any battlefield we find ourselves and will never leave or forsake us.

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful



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Making It Through the War – Any War — Sober
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