Marking the Advent of Advent


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Marking Advent

Adding an ADVENT Plan to my daily reading

AA publishes great reading material – wise words to make it through each day, not just somehow, but sober. Sobriety and serenity are gifts that keep on giving, especially through the holidays.

With Christmas around the corner, and the reminder, it is the anniversary of my higher power’s birth, I realize I need to dig deeper into His instruction manual. To honor Him, yes; but to get His help on managing the emotions that can mess me up.

Consequently, I returned to some favorite helps.

Here’s a Bible reading plan of disciplined devotions that is not onerous. (Simple Bible Reading Plan) I followed her suggestions – and refreshed — then picked up A Book of Days for Christians. Richardson Wright, its author, began his devotional meditations with December 1 – serendipitous, huh? (Love that word!)

Mr. Wright directed me to Deuteronomy 34; twelve poignant verses describing what Moses saw at the end of his life, “gazing out over the Promised Land which because of grievous sin, he could not enter. (Numbers 20)

What did Moses do?

mosesHe didn’t trust in God enough to honor Him as holy in the sight of the Israelites – a bunch of people who whined, complained, rebelled, and were all-round stinkers.

You know, present company excluded, I can relate.

However, people (places and things) need never be triggers – excuses — for dangerous choices. The tools AA suggests, the power the Lord freely grants, keep me in my right mind, today. Tomorrow will take care of itself if I follow G.O. D.!

Except, with the holidays, habits, hurts, and hang-ups can materialize,

 We too stand on a Mount Pisgah, today looking over the plains and peaks of another Christian year, on which we are living.  (Wright, page 13)

I gleaned again simple instructions on keeping peaks and valleys in perspective from David and Solomon, authors of today’s Psalms and Proverb.

  • Stay out of dangerous places – not just literal, but emotional and spiritual places, too. (Psalm 1:1)  
  • Depend on God to enable the strength and ability to do whatever is necessary to keep me safe. (Psalm 5)
  •  Gain understanding and wisdom; this is a life long privilege – duty – and adventure. (Proverbs 1)

In other words: Don’t drink; keep praying, and get thyself to a meeting! (See Simple Sentences, Tools for Sobriety)

And for heaven’s sake, don’t let any frustration with other people’s conduct or conversations become an excuse for losing my temper!

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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Marking the Advent of Advent
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