Meetings and the Old Friends I Hear There

The Recovery Circle: An Old Friend

The good thing about meetings is hearing the pithy sayings, snappy slogans that get right under my skin and make me uncomfortable enough to do something about why simple truths are annoying me.

It’s usually because I’ve run smack into sober living problems; a.k.a.

  1. Trying to manage what is none-of-my-business, without drinking over it.
  2. Ignoring what is mine to manage.
  3. Learning to live with disappointments, without drinking over them. (See the whole Serenity Prayer)

So, I am offering what got my attention recently, wise words I can’t hear too often.

Pithy Sayings #1

The longer version is:

The quantityof our sobriety is measured by the number of days since our last drink.

The quality of our sobriety is measure by the number of days before we take our next drink.

The shorter version is:

We are either working a program of recovery or planning a slip.

The shortest is:






Pithy Saying #2

 If I pick up, my past becomes my future.

A Variation: Anything I put ahead of my sobriety I will lose too.


Pithy Saying #3

Heretofore, I have never heard this one before — and here’s a visual aid:


Pithy Saying #3


Do you have any gems that are valuable in your recovery?

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

PS:I am including a link to an interesting article: How I Let Drinking Ruin My Life.

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Meetings and the Old Friends I Hear There
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