A New Year’s Proverb for Readers and Us In Recovery

A Proverb for the New Year

Am I reading, or reading?

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the last one.”

I can’t remake my past, no matter how many times I rehearse certain scenes. However, I can learn from it. I can’t prevent tomorrow’s surprises; I can prepare.

What I need to learn, remember, and take from my past is Somebody’s been in control, even when I was not. Dr Tony Evans offered some comfort and wisdom I happily pass along:

Friend, I understand that you cannot fix yesterday. None of us can. And perhaps you are still reeling from some of the mistakes or bad decisions you made. But let me tell you just how good God is at what He does. He can hit a bull’s eye with a crooked stick or even a broken bow. And while you may be in a bad situation due to bad choices you’ve made in the past, He can show you how to make the best of these scenarios in the present in order to obtain a brighter future. That’s just how good He is.

What God Did

God delivered me from major messes, and built something solid out of hay and straw. However, He did not cure me of the disease from which I suffer; I am still powerless over alcohol.

In my case, “alcoholic” means that I will always be broken in this particular way. “Drunk” doesn’t mean inebriated right this minute but a propensity to get that way that I can’t for the life of me wish away.

“Recovering” means that these days I understand when I feel like I want a drink, what I am really craving is something like grace and “Christian” means that I believe God is making beauty out of my brokenness. (Heather Kopp Sober Boots, page 14)

So, you and  I have a daily reprieve if we choose to work the program and give fear and pain over to God, every day. No matter what.

  • Did someone hurt us?
  • Did wehurt another person?
  • Did we do something so dumb we gave ourselves the short end of the stick?

What Step are we working?

Nothing happens apart from God’s control – and His help. God, I believe; Help Thou my unbelief. And help me, please turn the page!

Happy New Year, dear reader — thanks for your attention.


Love in Christ,


Sober and Grateful


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A New Year’s Proverb for Readers and Us In Recovery
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