Regrets and How to Rein Them In

Don’t Ignore Regrets

regretsRegrets, I have more than a few!  The biggest one is  I really did way too much “my way.” 🙁

This is why I am glad to finally have a little perspective that comes with a lot of age –perspective that has come by working the steps, and getting over myself!

There is so much more to living than nursing grudges and taking other people’s inventories.

Sticking to my own side of the street and taking care of my business is the best advice folks gave me, right after God did not die and leave you in charge.

Regrets on their own can lead to a downward spiral of dark feelings. Coupled with sorrow, though, regrets can lead to repentance. Repentance owns the failure to do what I should have done, and the certainty I did what I should not have done.

Turning it all over to the God, who isn’t surprised, or powerless, reins in regrets, and defuses emotional benders. Or worse.

You see, once you own a mistake, it no longer owns you. (~ Lisa Bevere, The Secret to Loving Really Difficult People)

Setting ourselves free from the chains we willingly forged is one of the best things about recovery.

In the meantime, we addicts are the ones who must take responsibility for the choices we make. The verdict is in. While there is no permanent cure for alcoholism or addiction, there is a solution.

It’s called treatment . . .  recovery . . . meetings (which are free by the way). It’s called redemption . . . (Sober Boots by Heather Kopp, page 194)

How about you dear reader?

  • How do you handle regrets?
  • What would you say to someone overcome with regrets?

Thanks for reading!

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


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Regrets and How to Rein Them In