Remembering a Few Principles, Prayers and Promises

Remembering a few of AA’s principles, prayers and the promises, I can live this day, accepting all the things I cannot change, and changing what I can.


principlesOne of the Principles

One of the foundational principles of AA, our fellowship, has changed, as so many meetings are canceled. This is tough. Where meetings take place, where we can see and hear that recovery is possible, may be on hold.

It’s unsettling – scary – and weird.

However recovery is not canceled because of a stupid virus!   Here is AA on the US Update on covid-19 coronavirus.

Wash your hands and disinfect your thoughts. ~Daniel G. Amen, M.D., @doc_amen, Instagram post, 2020 March 16th


This morning, early, the Lord’s Prayer came to mind. I miss that way many of the meetings ended, holding hands with folks who were admitting their powerlessness over alcohol, and praying to our higher power.

Then, Serenity Prayer came to mind.

Never could I have imagined the unchangeableness of what is the new normal.

But new normals have been part of my recovery . . . my sponsor, and I hope you have one, talked me through them, even as they went through their own changes and challenges:

I remember that decades ago the meeting place I liked burned to the ground:

  • A smoldering cigarette caught the trash on fire;
  • A few people whose programs I admired, picked up.

It really shook me.

I didn’t have that much time, myself, and I knew myself enough to know I still flirted with the idea making enough meetings would help me learn to drink responsibley. 🙁

My sponsor helped me think through my choices by asking a few questions: What if every meeting closed, every Big Book disappeared, and program people slipped?

First of all, my sponsor helped me see, that WHEN circumstances change, because they do,  JUST FOR TODAY I can choose not pick up.

Next, my sponsor reminded me of a fact: there were scores of other meeting locations, even in a small town, which Annapolis was at the time!  🙂

Finally, as we brainstormed answers to those two scary questions, my sponsor suggested some more principles, that calm me today:

  • Picking up today was and is not our Higher Power’s will for us right now.
  •  Pray.
  • Ask for help.

Principles and Prayers Make the Promises Practical

Prayers are a good way of jolting me off the pity pot that circumstances invite me to occupy.

Unsettling circumstances (or people) can’t keep me from the program’s principles or prayers. IT’S My Choice!

Even today, then, I can still make a meeting, say a prayer, and not pick up! (Best suggestions I ever got on how to stay sober today!)  See this link:  US. Meeting Guide.

Getting through these anxious times; trying to be part of solutions and not problems, I have come to believe that  AA’s PROMISES are not extravagant ones — I promise!

Right now, I ask the Lord God to steady each of us; helping us to get the help we need, and share the help we can.

Thanks for stopping by – comment if you please, please.

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful



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Remembering a Few Principles, Prayers and Promises
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