Setting Better Boundaries

Better Boundaries

Setting boundaries is a [recommended] way of minimizing conflict with most people, some things and most places. 

Good Advice

I love the idea of have a zone of peace that’s based on a healthy respect for what I perceive others need, and what think I need — for what I hope others can give, and what assume I can give. 

It’s like the happily ever after place that Disney promised, but LIFE never delivers.


While on that Venn diagram  the  boundaries are clear, in real life, not so much. 

I am learning to

So,  I need wisdom and courage — both to say No, and to say Yes.

But not with alcohol. 

 Nope; I can’t have a healthy relationship with alcohol, not today anyway. 

For that matter: With some folk,  the kindest and most helpful gift I can give today is releasing them into the hands of the only wise God who is so kindly caring for me. 

Finally some places . . . some places I have to take off today’s itinerary.

Today, I won’t revisit the past, except a glance in the rear-view mirror.


Right now, I will let go visits to the future, also. 


So today, here’s my Venn Diagram of setting better boundaries: 


A wild and wonderful INTERSECTION
  • ME: With all my issues, real and imagined; I am powerless — no matter with WHAT or whom I am empathizing. 
  • My Higher Power— God is not powerless or limited. 
  • The Intersection — Filled up with more than a conjunction. It’s overflowing with Good gifts — some to keep; most to share; all to enjoy!  — It is a safe place even in crazy times; especially in crazy times, like the Holidays. 

The holidays can be rough – but the feelings they may spawn won’t kill us.
A drink will. (It’s Great to Have Choices, Right? )

Hang in there, dear reader —  one day at a time — one hour at a time. Stay Sober for yourself! You are worth it! 

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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Setting Better Boundaries
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