Sharing Sobriety and Serenity is Hard

Sharing gifts of sobriety and serenity is hard; but not impossible!

Both sobriety and serenity are great gifts I wish I could share right now with some dear folks I love.  

It’s hard to stop — our own drinking or worrying about others. (Learn About the Disease) 

But not everybody is ready, or even wants to open the gift. 

I know I wasn’t so ready to open any such gift the first time someone suggested I go to Al-Anon for a loved one whose drinking was out of control. 

Eventually, though, I got to the end of my rope of trying to reason, threaten, shame and police my loved one. But I didn’t see how a group of people was going  to tell me anything I thought I knew already.

I guess I proved the slogan: Some of us are sicker than others. LOL

But I kept coming back — and eventually new ideas got through my thick skull.

I was able to make some changes that may have helped to bring about recovery . . . Perhaps,  I shut-up long enough so my loved one could hear God offering them help? 

No AlAnon group is perfect— it’s full of people who are trying to learn and change— hope and grow. We are many and varied. When we know better, we do better to paraphrase Maya Angelou. And most of us came to know if nothing ever changes— nothing ever changes. ( The Merry-Go-Round of Denial)


Yep — gotta reread this often!

We have come to accept we can’t change the one we love who is alcohol dependent — AND we have also come to believe we can change our reactions, words, and emotions . . . baby step at a time.   

A big part of those little changes was seeing I was as dependent on alcohol as the alcoholic in my family. 

I am grateful — that change happens . . . if I am willing;  even if I can’t change the biggest heartache in front of me. 

sharing sobriety and serenity
and it has been a good thing

The AA program says we only get to keep what we give away. That may be an oxymoron, but it is oh so true.  

If alcohol is getting the better of you or someone you love, willingness to change  unlocks a bunch of scary cells. 

Thanks for reading —friend. How are you doing?

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful 

Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier~ Anonymous wisdom

Some resources:

Find an AA Near You 

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Sharing Sobriety and Serenity is Hard
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