Simple Isn’t Easy —

Simple isn’t easy. But keeping things — the stuff in my life — simple is essential for my sanity. 

Keep it Simple Stupid was one of the first suggestions I heard in those early meetings. 

Nervously sitting in — back then, smoke-filled rooms —I wondered how not drinking would become a way of life. I had managed to stop smoking a decade earlier, but me stopping drinking . . . what would that look like? (Life as I knew it would be over; no more fun ever!)

I couldn’t imagine even as I hoped. 

Drinking had become my escape valve, early. When I drank I became the person I wanted to be . . . for a bit. 

But I always woke up same old same old with a few more regrets. 

Today — I wake up grateful. And I remember how I got into bed! 

Gratitude beats regret. No, I don’t wake up problem free. But I have learned when I relinquish the control  I never really had, it makes keeping things simple easier.  

How it works

keep it simple

I’ve come to believe God’s got the power to do what I can’t. Instead of giving  booze the power to remake my reality, I  choose to give the complicated stuff and the stuff I complicate to Christ —  a choice I first made in Step Three .   

Yeah, I wish I’d come to believe this sooner. But we take the second step have come to appreciate our limitations, right? 

Who is large and in charge?

It sure isn’t me. 

Knowing that, believing that, trusting that makes it so much easier to keep things simple, just for today. 

 How goes it with you, reader?  How have you learned to keep things simple?

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

keep it simple

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Simple Isn’t Easy —