Simple Sentences: Tools to Sobriety

Simple Sentences are Handy Tools to Sobriety

Simple sentences, usually imperatives, are the handiest tools I have in my sobriety toolbox. They show me how I can keep worry, fear, and bitterness from living rent-free in my head and heart. But my propensity is to complicate stuff, and let those squatters in – especially when I think

I can handle this . . . or,

I can’t handle this anymore . . .

Thinking I can handle any thing on my own is deadly; using people, places, or things as an excuse to pick up is insanity. It’s not the elephant in the living room that flummoxes me – it’s the ants in the pantry! The little things can take me down every time! You’d think I would remember!

The coming holidays are times when little things add up fast. People, places, and things can converge reminding me, “Alcohol was not my problem; it was my solution,” to problems of daily life. Misunderstandings, pain, and loneliness stand in sharper contrast in the holiday season.

Simple sentences, imperatives each, can make the difference between responding to life and all its holiday baggage, or reacting.  Keep It Simple Stupid.

  • Don’t drink.
  • Go to Meetings
  • Say your prayers.

No, following good orderly directions isn’t always painless. But how painless was my last year drinking? What part of any of it seemed like a good idea?

How are you doing, friend? Hope today is one of victories that oh so simple sentences secured! You might like A.A. Slogans: Easy Directions Worth Following.  And I hope to remember a better way of dressing this season — it may not haute couture — but hey, it works for me! (Ephesians 6:10-18)

I would love to hear simple sentence suggestions that work for you.

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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Simple Sentences: Tools to Sobriety