Somebody I Knew Died

Somebody I Knew

I learned somebody in our family died —alone.

They lost their battle with alcoholism and diabetes; they were found dead. 

It really hurts to see the disease take somebody down — especially when so much of their life was ahead of them.

someone died

It hurts too to hear others  who never had to fight the compulsion to drink comment on  the choices that can take a soul to places nobody in their right mind would choose. 

Some people choose not to learn about addiction — it isn’t a lack of will-power that takes some of us down. 

God knows I can jump to ignorant and insensitive thoughts and remarks; a.k.a JUDGY! 

He also knows how sometimes the idea of just saying SCREW IT and drinking    has entered  my mind. Nobody knows another soul’s tipping point. 

Alcohol is cunning baffling and powerful. 

I’ve been around the program long enough to know none of us has ever fought the good fight for sobriety perfectly.

Without help it really is too much for us. 

But there is One who has all power — that One is God. May you find Him now!

Life is hard —we need help.  I am so grateful for  people who have walked the walk — who showed up and shared  their experience, strength and hope.  

A.A. isn’t perfect—it can work; so can other suggested courses of recovery.

I have come to believe that the God of my understanding is more than willing and able to grant me a daily reprieve from my disease, remove my short-comings; forgive me my transgressions, be they  real or imagined. 

Dear reader, if you love someone who is struggling with addiction, consider learning a bit about their struggles: So You Love a Drunk. A changed attitude on our part may help bring about recovery. (Merry Go-Round of Denial) And be willing to ask for the help recovery can offer.

If you are struggling friend, thank you for stopping by.  And ask for help –the booze is lying when it tells you nobody cares. 

Asking God for comfort and help and thankful for the hope daily recovery is.

Love in Christ 

Sober and Grateful 

someone died
I don’t know who took this — but MAN! there is life after drinking!
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Somebody I Knew Died
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