Step 11: Meditating Is Learning to Lean

Why Meditating Matter

I am not great at meditating

HoweverStep 11 is maintenance work, keeping my sobriety and serenity secure for the day.

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out. 

 So, excusing haphazard quiet times – always rushing about – telling myself I’ll get to that — later is unwise for me and rude to God. Over the years, when I am in trouble, He’s been right there with help.

Taking Step 11 daily helps show me how to lean on the Higher Power I trusted, working the Third Step.  I gave over to Him my life and will, what’s up with skipping time to talk about this?

I see God’s handiwork in people, places, and things. But, those same people, places, and things can turn my world upside down, swamping my boat.

God’s counsel keeps me afloat  –first in His word. Psalms, sometimes a verse at time, help; like,I sought the Lord; He answered me and delivered me from all my fears.

Moreover, God’s care and support are also available through the fellowship of AA, and Christian friends.

Asking Him for help, and waiting and listening for an answer keeps me right-sized and teachable.  So, improving my conscious contact with God doesn’t solve all my problems – but it is a check on my propensity to get angry, or lonely.

Prayer and meditation connect me to a Friend who doesn’t play hard to get.

He urges I A.S.K. for His help, guidance and company – and not just during those times the storms threaten to swamp my boat!

However, when I can’t pray, or meditate, reading prayers that others pray helps—their words often prod me to take my eyes off myself – even when I don’t want to. See the Eleventh-Step prayer in the 12&12 on page 99.

Prayer and meditation restores emotional balance, without which I help no one, including myself. (The 12&12, Page 102)

Note praying and meditating is over and above the time at meetings and fellowship. Skipping the Eleventh Step is like skipping food and water and then wondering why I am starving. If I am too busy to seek God, I am busier than I need to be. (A link to working the Eleventh Step)

Has busyness blown apart your time with God?  Or, maybe troubles?

Remember, dear reader, you are loved with an everlasting love– and underneath are God’s strong and capable arms! In these distracting and disconnected times, I pray you hear God’s invitation to Come, Rest and Learn . . .  Matthew 11:28-30. And stay in touch.

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


PS:  Here’s some advice that still works for me:

Don’t pick up, make a meeting, and prayer — asking for help is a safe step to take!

Meditating Keeps Me on the Beam
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Step 11: Meditating Is Learning to Lean