Steps – and the Risks They Present.

Whoever invented steps, invented a good thing, but a risky thing. Because of them, we get to use space once inaccessible to us. I see an analogy to working the program: navigating the steps help me into places of emotional sobriety that once seemed inaccessible, too

The Twelve Steps at first looked impossible, as scary to work as navigating the cellar steps – but taking them is as essential to getting stuff  (a.k.a. memories, habits, attitudes, and actions) sorted as our cellar steps are for our house-keeping.

Early on, I skipped over some steps. But, when I fell a few times – wallowed in some dry drunks – I realized I take the steps in order, and never more than one at a time.

We are again living in a home with steps – steep steps to our basement, and laundry facilities. We put orange duct tape strips on those steps that bid me slow down, be careful – use the railing – don’t carry too much down, or up them.

That works for my program, too.

  • Slow down –Listen and Learn. 
  • Be careful — H.A.L.T;
  • Use the railing — go to meetings, get phone numbers and pray
  • Don’t carry what you can’t handle —The lesson I must learn is simply that my control is limited to my own behavior, my own attitudes ~AA Slogan

When I look down the cellar steps, the orange duct tape “shouts” Watch-out! When I look up, the colored guides keep focused on stepping higher –  a good suggestion for sober living.

Getting angry, resentful, bitter, or getting even is a mud pit I need to step up and over.


Thanks for reading dear reader – hope you are navigating steep places in your recovery. I’d love to read your tips!

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


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Steps – and the Risks They Present.
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